Medical Bills and Bankruptcy

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If you're looking for medical debt relief, you're not alone. According to the CDC, in 2018 over 30 million Americans were uninsured, with most of those being working-age adults. And even if you have insurance, that doesn't mean you don't struggle with paying medical bills. In fact, 14% of Americans in 2018 belonged to families struggling to pay medical debt. Whether it's your own medical debt or that of a close family member, the mountain of charges and bills that can come from a serious hospital visit can turn anyone's life upside down.

Medical Bill Debt

What is a Medical Bankruptcy?

The fact is that, legally, there is no such thing as medical bankruptcies. Filing for bankruptcy by definition includes all your debts, not just medical. But medical debt is many times the reason for filing personal bankruptcy. An estimated 66% of bankruptcies are because of medical bills or loss of work after treatment. The consequences of a serious health concern, whether it's heart surgery, a car accident, or cancer, can quickly move beyond collection notices. The patient may lose their ability to work or provide for themselves, leaving families scrambling to pay their own living expenses and the healthcare costs. Many people rack up thousands in credit card debt from medications and deductibles in addition to the hospital bills.

How Can a Medical Bill Lawyer Help Me?

Unfortunately, Congress has yet to pass the Medical Bankruptcy Fairness Act, which would provide extra protections to homeowners and caregivers. But if you owe significant medical debt, the steps to filing bankruptcy are the same. The first step is to find an affordable bankruptcy lawyer. They'll help lay out all your options and design a strategy to get you a fair settlement and payment plan.

The good news is that medical debt is dischargeable under both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, the two most common forms of medical bankruptcies for individuals. Your medical bill lawyer may even assess your financial situation and determine that bankruptcy isn't the right option for you and can help you work out reasonable payment strategies with the creditors. Medical debt collectors are often easier to work with than other types of creditors, and most providers are very flexible when it comes to payments. Bankruptcy should only be an option if you have also fallen behind on mortgages, credit card payments, or other debt.

How Can I Find Medical Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Me?

At Coleman Law Group, our attorneys specialize in helping people get second chances through bankruptcy. Our attorneys bring years of experience and legal knowledge in bankruptcy law to every case they handle, and we're always willing to fight for your best interests. We understand how crushing medical debt can be. But we truly believe bankruptcy is not an end, but the beginning of the rest of your debt-free life.

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