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Coleman Law Group, A Firm you can trust. We focus on bankruptcy law and understand that life happens. We are a firm that cares, and we are here to help.

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Bankruptcy & Debt

Almost anyone can find themselves in the position of seeking bankruptcy protection, whether because of a failed business venture, a mortgage foreclosure, medical bills, or high-interest rate credit cards. If you are in Florida, the best bankruptcy attorney in Tampa Bay is just a phone call away!

At the Coleman Law Group, we are not only dedicated to helping clients resolve their financial difficulties and obtain debt relief, we are committed to providing all our clients with the personal attention and compassionate representation they deserve. Coleman Law Group is an affordable bankruptcy lawyer in Tampa Bay.

Are you ready to get your life back on track? Life after Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy exists; let us show you how.

Most people don't know much about filing personal bankruptcy until they actually need it. But, luckily, you don't need to be an expert yourself - you just need an affordable bankruptcy lawyer in Tampa Bay and a basic understanding of the steps for filing bankruptcy.

The Types of Bankruptcy

Not all bankruptcy is created equal. There are actually 6 types of bankruptcy in the U.S.

  • Chapter 7: Liquidation of individual assets
  • Chapter 9: Municipal bankruptcy
  • Chapter 11: Bankruptcy for businesses
  • Chapter 12: Bankruptcy for family farmers
  • Chapter 13: Bankruptcy for individuals using reorganization of assets
  • Chapter 15: Used by foreign debtors

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A Message from Constance D. Coleman

A Message from Constance D. Coleman

Going through bankruptcy proceedings is like sailing through a rough storm: you're going to need a skilled navigator. You'll find in me a compassionate, authoritative lawyer - one who sees it as her personal mission to assist those who are financially struggling. I will help you navigate the complexities of bankruptcy all the way to the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Don't go through the storm of Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 alone. Let me help you begin to repair your credit and get your life back. I will be at your side each step of the way.
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Testimonials What our clients say about us

Mara Mandell

Always Professional - I worked with Ms. Coleman for many years, often on sides with opposing interests. She was always professional, diligent, and a compassionate and strong advocate for her clients. Working with Ms. Coleman was a pleasure because she was always prepared and worked hard to achieve the best result for her client. Although we may not have always been in agreement, I knew Ms. Coleman was a "straight shooter" and because of that she was well respected and able to achieve the best results possible for her clients. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Scott Lofmark

Changed My Life - I was represented by Coleman Law Group this year. I can honestly say, I never felt more comfortable, especially for what I went to them for. I wasn't "waiting to hear back from them" and if I had a question, heard back if not immediately, then < 24 hours. Plain and simple, they cared about me and changed my life. Timely and Very Professional! Give them a call, you won't regret it!!!

Sherrie Daniello

Great Experience - Wonderful office staff, very friendly and helpful, always have a smile. Miss Coleman I cant thank enough for all her help and support. She went above and beyond. Any question I had they answered right away and willing to help in anyway they could. A great experience and a wonderful office.

Andrea Gregoire

Gets Results - There are no words that can describe how thankful I am for this law firm. Very nice, professional, and above all they get results. Ms. Coleman took my case when no one else would. She worked with me on payments and always returned my calls. I would recommend the firm to ALL.

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