Harassing Collection Calls

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Feeling overwhelmed by harassing phone calls from bill collectors? You're not alone. The Consumer Financial Protections Bureau estimates that in 2017 over 70 million Americans got harassing collection calls, with one in four feeling threatened. Ibis World reported that debt collection agencies in the US brought in over $13 billion in revenue, with the average company making 6 calls a day.

It's a huge business, and when you're on the receiving end of collection calls, it can feel like a never-ending reminder of your debt - which is, of course, the point. But no matter what kind of financial trouble you're in, nobody deserves debt collector harassment. Stop bill collectors from calling by taking steps to filing personal bankruptcy and use your phone again without stress.

Harassing Collection Calls

How Bankruptcy Can Stop Debt Collector Harassment

When debt collectors call, often our first instinct is to try to explain the situation to them. Sometimes this works out, and you can either renegotiate your debt or set up payment options. But other times, thanks to medical bills, layoffs, and other unexpected life events, paying everyone simply isn't an option. This is where bankruptcy can be your lifeline.

Filing bankruptcy activates what is called an "automatic stay." This means that while you are in bankruptcy proceedings, debtors are not allowed to try to collect from you. Unfortunately, simply saying that you're filing is not enough to stop harassing calls from a debt collector.

If you are considering filing personal bankruptcy, your very first step should be to contact a reputable, affordable bankruptcy lawyer. They can walk you through the steps of filing bankruptcy and go over the many different types and options available. When you file, your lawyer should get a complete list of your creditors and contact each one to let them know you are in proceedings.

What If the Calls Don't Stop?

Once you file for bankruptcy, the harassing collection calls should decrease dramatically, if not stop entirely. It is illegal and unethical for debt collection agencies to contact you once you've filed, but only if they have already been notified. After they have been notified by your attorney, make sure to notify them yourself verbally when they next call. If the calls continue, record a log of each one and who is calling. Your attorney may be able to use this information in court.

Once you file for bankruptcy, you have made your good intentions clear, and no law-abiding citizen should be subjected to debt collector harassment.

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