Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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When consumer debt or other unsecured debt like medical bills become too overwhelming, sometimes the best answer can be by filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. Though the steps to filing personal bankruptcy or business bankruptcy Chapter 7 can be scary, the process is actually designed to help individuals like you restart their lives without crushing debt hanging over them. And while it may be scary initially, many people experience great relief at finally being able to get rid of massive credit card bills and other unsecured debt. Contact the Coleman Law Group today to speak with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Tampa Bay now!

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

How Does Bankruptcy Work?

When it comes to large amounts of debt, your bankruptcy attorney may recommend a Chapter 7 bankruptcy rather than Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a process in which all nonexempt assets are liquidated, and the sale proceeds are used to pay off creditors. It is more absolute than Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which involves a payment schedule, but it is also more immediate. However, filing Chapter 7 requires that the debtor not exceed a threshold income based upon your total household size. Some people prefer getting a fresh start sooner by getting their debt discharged faster. Your Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney near Tampa Bay can help you decide what plan is best for you. To learn about Chapter 7, check out this easy guide from the U.S. Courts.

Life After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is not the end of things. While getting back on your feet may be challenging, many people take the opportunity to re-educate themselves financially with courses available online. Saving money and creating a budget are important financial habits to develop, and over time most people who file personal bankruptcy or business bankruptcy Chapter 7 find themselves solvent and happy again. While it may be hard to purchase big-ticket items and receive a lower interest rate for a year or so, bankruptcy is not the end of your life-it's the beginning of your new, less stressful one. The first step is simply googling "Coleman Law Group".

Get Started Today

Filing personal bankruptcy or business bankruptcy Chapter 7 sooner rather than later can actually save you money. Before you experience wage garnishment, repossession, foreclosure, or numerous creditor calls, speak with the qualified and affordable Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers in Tampa Bay at the Coleman Law Group to find out your options. Take control of your debt, instead of letting it control you. We are an affordable bankruptcy attorney that offers compassionate and experienced bankruptcy advice. All the paperwork can be handled online, and we can file chapter 7 online on your behalf. Call us at 727.214.0400 for a free bankruptcy consultation.

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